Filter the spam from your mailbox


This spam filtering walk-through is made for peolpe like myself that don't even want to filter spam in their email-client, but want it to be filtered before it even reaches their mailbox. Furthermore it is made for people that are not system admins- In other words - for humble end users. (if you happened to be sysadmin - please see this site. Vipul's Razor is integrated into spamassassin like a charm if you have root access)
What this solution does is to tag the part of spam emails you get (and leave the rest) and then forward all the mails - with or without spam tags - to another email account.
So, what does it take? Well, patience and a bit of BSD/Linux knowledge. But it only takes it once in life. Once you've got your filter up and running, you can forget your shell commands or stop bugging friends that knows a bit of BSD/linux.

Click here to get the walk-through