Get your Kiss DVD running under Linux

This HOWTO is written as an attempt to help people like myself to easily
find out how to get the fine KISS DVD player to run under linux. In other words -
a short walk through of my own KISS tweaking.

My setup:
- Kiss DVD-palyer (DP-1500) with firmware version 2.8.5
- Mandrake 10.0

* First make sure to open port 8000 on the firewall, as this is the port
the kiss application will listen on.
* Download and unpack the linux application kiss4lin.
* Install kiss4lin by editing the file 'kiss4lin.conf' so it matches your
pic-, video- and music dirs. Then run 'makeitso'. Hereafter copy
'kiss4lin.conf' to your homedir and change it to '.kiss4lin.conf. Finally
run 'kiss4lin' - and the app is alive and kicking.
* Turn on your Kiss player. Hit the Menu button on the remote and type in
the IP address of your linuxserver (e.g. like in my case).
* Now don't bother trying to browse for a KiSS PC-Link - that won't work.
Instead you can now browse the files on your linux box from the three
directories on your TV screeen. So - voila! It's done! And it has worked
flawlessly for me after I figured out that it was no good to scan for the
bloody PC-Link app... :)

Happy DVDing!